CQ9电子平台 is one of 加拿大’s leading mining companies, focused on providing products that are essential to building a better quality of life for people around the globe.

CQ9电子平台 at a Glance

CQ9电子平台 CQ9电子平台

CQ9电子平台 is one of 加拿大’s leading mining companies with operations 和 projects in 加拿大, the United States, 智利 和 秘鲁.


Our Purpose

We provide essential resources the world is counting on to make life better while caring for the people, communities 和 l和 that we love.

Guided by our values

We are committed to innovation 和 continuous improvement, while ensuring everyone goes home safe 和 healthy every day. We do the right thing — even when it’s hard or requires bold action.

Focused on sustainability

We work with a sense of personal responsibility 和 genuine care for the people, communities 和 l和s with which we are entrusted.

Our Purpose 和 Values

We share a strong sense of purpose at CQ9电子平台, 和 each day we are guided by our values in how we operate 和 how we conduct ourselves. Together, these represent who we are 和 what we value most.

Corporate 治理

We are committed to strong corporate governance. The Board of Directors has a Corporate 治理 Committee that works with our General Counsel to ensure that our governance practices are up to date 和 that they meet applicable st和ards. Sound governance structures 和 systems protect the interests of investors 和 other Communities of Interest, 和 ensure that the company is well managed.

审计, Corporate 治理 和 Nominating, 和 Compensation Committees are composed entirely of independent directors.

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Our 领导

Our leadership team is committed to delivering shareholder value, through the depth 和 breadth of its collective experience, combined with commitment to our values.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

CQ9电子平台 is committed to responsible resource development. We are focused on operating sustainably, ensuring the health 和 safety of our people, 和 building strong relationships with communities. We have internal policies 和 external commitments that guide 和 allow us to evolve with emerging sustainability trends 和 best practices.

奖 和 Recognition

CQ9电子平台 has been recognized as a world leader in sustainability 和 responsible resource development in several indices 和 through awards for our sustainability 和 safety performance.

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